Corporate massage

Have your team feeling refreshed and energised, improve productivity, staff morale and wellbeing to help them be their best!


Book a preferred day and time for you and your staff and we will take care of the rest.

Corporate massage adelaide

We Bring

Expert hands, a massage chair or table to you. You simply provide a space and happy participants.


Enjoy the benefits of investing in your most valuable asset, your people. Happy staff = more productivity.

corporate massage adelaide

Benefits of Corporate Massage in your Organisation

Staff feel appreciated and valued which leads to improved culture, morale, better performance and improved retention. Wellbeing programs such as corporate massage can also improve business profitability, reduce absenteeism and attrition, which is why more businesses are incorporating it into their organisation.

Well Known Employee Benefits

corporate massage reduce stress

Reduced anxiety & depression

corporate massage injury management

Repetitive strain injury management

corporate massage happier employees

Feel more appreciated

corporate massage reduced absences

Increased presenteeism

Corporate massage improved employee Morality

Improved employee wellbeing

Reduce stress-related issues

Enquire now to enjoy the benefits that corporate massage can have on your employees and the future of your organisation.

Well Known Employer Benefits

corporate massage happier employees

Happier employees

corporate massage reduced absences

Reduced absences

corporate massage increased productivity

Increase productivity

Higher retention rates

corporate massage benefits health team culture

Healthy workplace culture

corporate-massage-improved staff m

Improved staff morale

What Our Customers Have to Say

Your Massage Your Choice

 5 – 20 mins per person recommended

Cost: $100/Hr per therapist.

10 – 30 mins per person recommended

Cost:  $100/hr per therapist

30 mins – 1 hour per person recommended.               

Cost: $100/hr per therapist.

15% Off Your First Corporate Massage Booking

For 3 hours minimum on site booking