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Tobias has worked in health since 2000, in medical research and later in the complementary therapy industry, and has an understanding of integrative medicine in relation to modern changes in healthcare. He has had an interest in health and well being from an early age and finally decided to follow his passion and become a wholistic massage therapist. He is currently pursuing a career as a therapist with a wholistic approach, working with massage, energy healing and nutrition, and has a Diploma in Remedial Therapy. He has participated in numerous personal development workshops and has a interest in meditation, tai chi and yoga. His intention is to facilitate others to increase personal self-awareness and healing whilst bringing a greater understanding of the mind-body connection.


Tobias approaches each massage and healing session with an intention to bring more flow and balance to others. This is the result of a combination of applying a technical understanding and intuitive approach to each person.

About me

Tobias is a sensitive, kind and caring person that wants to help others to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing.


Tobias began his career in science research; then working in a range of different healthcare areas. He then developed an interest in traditional medicine and the connection between the mind and the body together.


Tobias combines a range of techniques and approaches from a variety of different modalities and philosophies to provide a wholistic approach that is individualised to the client’s needs.


To help heal and assist others in their personal journey to optimal health and wellbeing and to facilitate increased awareness of mind-body connection.
Tobias Kelly

Why Choose Us

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At home, in the clinic or even in your workplace, we can meet your (massage) needs.


Our massage therapists are passionate about their work and providing the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Tailored Treatment

With a variety of treatment options, we can tailor a treatment to the clients' needs.

Our Services

In-Clinic Massage

Located conveniently close to the Adelaide CBD, our North Adelaide clinic has on-site parking available and offers a wide range of treatment options including massage, energy healing, acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, naturopathy

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Corporate Massage

Reinvigorate your staff with a massage! Available in a chair, on a table or roving from desk to desk. Have your team feeling refreshed and energised to improve productivity, staff morale and wellbeing to help them be their best!

Mobile Massage

Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own space. We bring everything! From the handmade aromatherapy sprays and soothing music to the expert hands. You simply relax and enjoy.


We have a carefully selected range of high quality and affordable health and wellness products to support your body and mind to be at it’s best.