Most frequent questions and answers

Massage is one of the oldest forms of natural therapy with its history dating back many thousands of years. Massage has been shown to have a wide range and number of health benefits including:

  • Increasing circulation and blood flow
  • Improving recovery from strenuous activity and exercise
  • Increased healing and recovery from soft tissue injuries
  • Improved overall sense of health and wellbeing
  • Improved immune activity and response
  • Assists the removal of toxins (detoxification)
  • Improved sleep and relaxation
  • Reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

Please allow ample time to arrive to your appointment. It is recommended that you come at least 5 -10 mins early when possible, so that you are not rushed and can be more relaxed and ready to receive your massage treatment. Ideally, it’s better not to eat any heavy foods or meals or at least an hour before your massage, so as to avoid any digestive issues or discomfort that might be experienced.

Yes. Massage can be provided at all stages within pregnancy, taking into account the specific trimester, symptoms and other current conditions. Your therapist is professionally trained and qualified and therefore able to accommodate and adapt as needed to ensure your health, safety and comfort needs are all met.

Yes. Your therapist has undertaken infection control training as part of their professional requirements. In addition, they have also completed the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19  Infection Control Training. Our clinic is kept as clean and hygienic as possible to ensure your health and safety is maintained.

If you feel any COVID-19 symptoms which include fever, dry cough and tiredness or simply feel that your health is impacted in some way and that you might be at risk of developing the illness, please contact us to cancel your appointment. If you think that you may have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or may have been at risk of doing so, then it is also better to cancel your appointment.

When you arrive for your first appointment, you will usually be required to fill out a Medical History & Consent Form prior to receiving your massage. Please try to come at least 10 minutes early to your first appointment so that you have additional time to do this. The clinic has been designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so that you can make the most of your massage experience and treatment. There are many ways to provide massage, including with or without outer clothing, and that choice is yours, so you can feel safe and secure during your massage treatment. To assist the relaxation process, soft music and gentle lighting is often used, so that you can experience a deeper sense of nurturing and healing as part of your massage experience.

After your massage, it is usually recommended that you drink plenty of water to assist the hydration process as well as flush out any toxins that may have been released as a result of your massage. When possible, it is also better to avoid any strenuous activities for the rest of the day, so that you can absorb the benefits provided.

No. If you have Remedial Massage listed as part of your private health cover, you can receive a rebate towards the cost of your treatment. We do not have HICAPS facilities available, but you will receive a receipt of payment which can be used to process your rebate.

We accept payments by EFTPOS, Cash & EFT.

Cards accepted include:
 Credit
 Cheque
 Debit
 Prepaid
 Rewards
We can also accept Diners and American Express.

Yes. We can provide mobile home massage visits. Please click here for more information.

We use a range of natural massage oils, balms & other products including:

  • Water-dispersable massage oil (hypoallergenic and easily washes off skin and clothing)
  • Aroma Alchemy Balms
  • Sacred Grove massage oils 
  • Coconut oil
  • Advanced Wholistic Remedies Aromatherapy Sprays

We usually require 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations otherwise you may incur a 50% appointment cost fee. This policy is flexible if an emergency or other such circumstance has occurred. Please contact us by phone or TXT on 041 332 5277 if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 

No. You do not need a referral for massage. You are welcome to make an appointment directly either by our online appointment system or by contact via email or phone.

E:  [email protected]

Phone:  041 332 5277

There is no need to wear anything specific for your massage, unless you would prefer to remain clothed for your treatment. If so, please wear loose and comfortable clothing that is unrestrictive, so that you can be easily positioned and moved as needed for the massage treatment.

The number of massage treatments needed depends on the type of condition, stage of injury or health issue that you have. Usually, you may require more frequent treatments within the first 6 – 8 weeks if you have a specific issue that needs more attention and focussed work to assist the healing process. If you don’t have any specific and current issues, other than normal tension or related symptoms, it is recommended that massage is provided on at least a monthly basis, as part of a normal maintenance program for your health and wellbeing.

Please either turn off or put your mobile phone on silent (unless you must have it on for personal or other reasons and need to be contacted). This will ensure that you can relax and allow yourself time out from your normal routines and responsibilities so that you can receive the greatest benefit possible from your massage.

When possible, it is also better if you are able to allow yourself to let go and relax during the massage treatment, as this will assist the natural healing processes within your body as well as help the therapist to work more easily with you.

After your massage, it is recommended that you hydrate, preferably with water, immediately after your massage and also within the first 24 hours afterwards. You may be encouraged to do some regular stretching or similar exercises in between your massage appointments so as to facilitate better posture and reduced muscle tension which can extend the benefits of your massage treatment.

You are welcome to talk during your massage treatment. It is important to communicate any abnormal pain or discomfort that you may experience during your massage as well as to ask any questions that may arise. It is your massage and therefore your choice whether you would like to talk or not, however, it is usually found that allowing yourself to be quiet can significantly aid the relaxation and healing process.